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EBook Bundles From Lyons Press, Taylor Trade, and More

For those lucky enough to get a new iPad, Kindle, Nook, or other tablet device this holiday season, the eBook team at Lyons Press and Taylor Trade have something special. We’ve created 10 eBook Bundles for this post-holiday season to help you load up on great content without breaking the bank. (Note: links go to…

The Opening Kickoff

"Revsine has written a rich and thorough book, backed by ample research. But he’s also a college football fan, who’s served up a tale laced with humor and suspense. And he’s reminded us that this vile and glorious game has been this way all along."--Boston Globe

Mountains of the Misbegotten

From the author of the Woods Cop Mystery Series, comes the newest title in the Lute Bapcat Mystery Series.