No Buddy Left Behind

Bringing U.S. Troops' Dogs And Cats Safely Home From The Combat Zone

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By Terri Crisp and C. J. Hurn
Price: $14.95 Pub Date: 11/06/2012 Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780762782789 Imprint: Lyons Press Trim: Pages: 264

No Buddy Left Behind is not only about rescuing strays but also about U.S. soldiers trying to survive the horrors of war and readjust to life back home.  Many troops serving in the Middle East share life-altering relationships with stray dogs and cats they save from the brutalities of war. Overcoming monumental obstacles, Terri Crisp makes it her mission to get these soldiers’ “buddies” out of danger, and bring them home to the people who love them.

So, how does someone get an animal out of a country where a dysfunctional infrastructure means that normal resources don’t exist, and every step of a plan to transport animals could get someone arrested, kidnapped, or blown apart? As Crisp soon discovers, each rescue mission, from first to last, could easily be terminated at any point, and no animal is truly safe until its paws touch U.S. soil. Terri and her team have saved the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats befriended by military personnel, and No Buddy Left Behind tells this incredible story.

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