Jane Doe No More

My 15-Year Fight to Reclaim My Identity--A True Story of Survival, Hope, and Redemption

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M. William Phelps with Donna Palomba
Price: $24.95 Pub Date: 09/18/2012 Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7627-7880-5 Imprint: Lyons Press Trim: Pages: 320

In 1993, Donna Palomba was raped by a masked assailant in her own home. Yet, her story is more than a victim’s tale of physical and emotional recovery. It is a story of one woman’s hunt for justice while fending off attacks by institutions designed to defend and protect her—the police department, the local government, and a community clinging to an outrageous claim that Donna had invented the crime to cover up a sexual affair. After eleven years of struggle, Donna learned the identity of her attacker from the chief of police, who explained that the DNA from the rape kit taken a decade ago had turned up a shocking match. She later launched the Jane Doe No More organization and became a promoter of the rights of women and victims of sexual assault.

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