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Ambushing Trophy Whitetails

Tactical Systems for Big-Buck Success

Advanced plans and tactics for outwitting the biggest bucks in the woods.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-922-6 Pub Date: 04/01/2007 Price: $24.95  
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The Deer Hunter's Book

Classic Hunting Stories

As written by master outdoorsmen, revel in the memories of great hunts until the next season opener.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-421-4 Pub Date: 09/01/2004 Price: $19.95  
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The Deer of North America

The standard reference on all North American deer species-behavior, habitat, distribution, and more-with over three hundred photographs.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-465-8 Pub Date: 11/01/2004 Price: $24.95  
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Field Dressing and Butchering Deer

Step-by-Step Instructions, from Field to Table

A detailed instructional guide for field-dressing deer and preparing the meat for the table.

ISBN: 978-1-59921-172-5 Pub Date: 09/01/2007 Price: $16.95  
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How to Bag the Biggest Buck of Your Life

The deer hunting classic, finally back in print.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-099-5 Pub Date: 09/01/2003 Price: $30  
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Hunting Trophy Whitetails

Tales of Record-Book Bucks Taken by the Readers of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine

The editors of Buckmasters have compiled fact-filled tales of record-book bucks.

ISBN: 978-1-58574-744-3 Pub Date: 12/01/2002 Price: $19.95  
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Jackie Bushman's Top 50 Whitetail Tactics

Hunting Techniques That Really Work

The head of Buckmasters magazine reveals the hunting techniques that work best for him.

ISBN: 978-1-59228-925-7 Pub Date: 08/01/2006 Price: $16.95  
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Pro Tactics: Whitetail Hunting

Expert Strategies and Techniques for a Successful Hunt

This expertly written book provides advice on selecting the right equipment, as well as scouting and hunting, whether on foot or in a stand, with virtually any legal weapon.

ISBN: 978-1-59921-789-5 Pub Date: 10/05/2010 Price: $19.95  
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Whitetail Hunting Tactics of the Pros

Expert Advice to Help You be a Successful Hunter

More than two dozen experts share their hunting secrets.

ISBN: 978-1-58574-681-1 Pub Date: 10/01/2002 Price: $16.95  
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