Fishing Club

Brothers And Sisters Of The Angle


Book Description

Bob Rich may very well be the Don Quixote of fishing, always on a quest for the most memorable experiences on the water. His first book, Fish Fights, followed his attempt to qualify for membership in the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Hall of Fame. In The Fishing Club, he expands his geography worldwide, and the result is a delightful and inspiring chronicle about his search to discover what drives all anglers in their hunt for fish.
A former president of the United States (George Herbert Walker Bush), a Hall of Fame slugger (Ted Williams), the world's most famous bass fisherman (Bill Dance), and an Olympic skier (Andy Mill) are just a few of the friends Bob enlists to help in his search. Interesting people and passionate anglers all, they share with a fishing buddy their first memories of fishing, reflections on what impact the sport has had on their lives, and why they love to fish.
Their stories, as told to an ardent and articulate brother of the angle, make The Fishing Club a very special book and an enjoyable read. Through it all, you'll feel part of the fishing fraternity that includes Bob, his friends, and the many anglers he meets on his journey around the fresh and salt waters of the world.

About Rich, Bob

Bob Rich, author of Fish Fights, pursues his passion for saltwater fishing near his home in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. He is the president of Rich Products Corporation, a multinational, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of food products headquartered in Buffalo, New York. His charitable activities include fund-raising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.