The New York Yankees All-Time All-Stars

The Best Players at Each Position for the Bronx Bombers


Book Description

Let’s say you’re the manager of the most successful professional baseball team in history, with every past and current player available on your bench. Game time is approaching and the ump needs your line-up card. Who’s your starting pitcher? Crafty Whitey Ford, lights-out Ron Guidry, or a big-game right-hander? Is Munson behind the plate or Yogi? Who’ll bat clean-up? Who’s your DH? Combining statistical analysis, common sense, and a host of intangibles, Jim Griffin constructs an all-time All-Star Yankee line-up for the ages. Agree with his choices or not, you’ll learn all there is to know about the men who played for and managed the winning-est baseball team of all time.

About Griffin, Jim

Jim Griffin is a lifelong baseball fan with experience writing for Yankee-specific blogs from 2010 through 2016. An analyst by trade, he holds degrees in Mathematical Sciences (B.S.) and Applied Statistics (M.S.) from Villanova University where his master’s thesis was a study on New York Yankees offensive statistics since 1920. Accordingly, he makes liberal use of key performance metrics and statistical concepts to support his written material.